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Tinted windows in your car are shown to be a useful investment. Not only does the tinting offer more privacy, it protects the contents of your vehicle from the intense heat of summer and reduces glare. “Davenport Window Tinting” provides car window tinting for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our team is attentive, meticulous and well trained.

The damaging effects of UV Rays deteriorate your car’s interior fittings causing upholstery to fade and vinyl and leather to become dry split or crack. With our window tint films, your car is covered for life.

Tinting is a wonderful way for you to make your car look nice but it also has some wonderful benefits.

Here are 7 quick reasons why you should have window film, or window tinting, installed on your car.

  1. You can decrease heat with in your car by reflecting a lot of the sun's rays and UV light.
  2. You can reduce the fading of your car’s interior including the seats, carpets, and dashboard, because with tinted windows light and heat is reflected out of the car.
  3. Because light and heat is reflected out of the car, you can also decrease health risks, such as exposure, to you in your own car by reflecting the Sun's light away from your skin.
  4. You can reduce dangerous glare on your windows from headlights and the Sun which increases overall Driving Experience.
  5. With tinted windows it's a lot harder for someone to peek through your windows and spy something they think is worth a smash-and-grab, it also increases the strength of the window whether it be in an accident or a robbery when someone tries to break in.
  6. It makes your car look luxurious. With different tints and different colors you can really add a beautiful customization to your vehicle that adds value.
  7. It is pretty quick and easy to have it done. Bring it into our shop we can get it done in a few moments and have you back on the road with a beautiful car in no time. Usually one to two hours for a common installation.

Window tinting is done based on shades. It is measured by VLT which is visible light transmission. This is simply the percentage of light that is allowed to pass through your windows. 70% tint then allows 70% of light through your window. Different window tints can range from 70% all the way down to 5%. It is important for you to know the laws regarding this in your specific state. The reason for this is if the car were to be pulled over by a police officer, they need to be able to look through the window and see who and what is going on inside the vehicle without putting themselves in danger.

Keep unwanted attentions out with our premium tinting service. Guaranteed to last, our tints are meticulously applied to provide the utmost privacy. Window tinting is both practically and esthetically appealing and is an awesome way to add further customization to your car.

We offer many kinds of window tinting options that help with sun control and car interior protection. Join steadily growing group of our satisfied customers riding in comfort today.

In addition to window tinting we know some used cars come with previous owners that were passionate “do-it-yourselfers.” When it comes to an unprofessional job or window tinting or just your own personal preference we can also do window tint removal.

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