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Did you just buy yourself a brand new pickup truck? It would be nice to keep it looking that way with a beautiful spray-in truck liner. Armadillo brand truck liners are one of the highest quality spray in liners you can get today. They comes in a variety of colors, are extremely durable to last a very long time, and most importantly, they protect your investment.

There are few reasons people like to use truck bed liners.

  • First, you can protect whatever you are transporting. Bed liners will prevent objects in the truck bed from bouncing around and sliding around during travel. They will prevent your cargo from getting scratched on the metal bed of the truck and will reduce any impact going over bumps and bouncing the cargo in the bed of your truck.
  • Second, spray-in truck liners will protect the bed of your truck too. Spray-in liners prevent scratches in your truck bed which will prevent rust, which will help your truck last longer. Anyone that has ever kept their truck outside over the course of a year knows how harsh the natural elements can be on an exposed metal pickup truck bed. A spray in truck bed liner will keep your truck in top condition.
  • Third, spray-in truck liners don't only have to go in the bed of your truck. You can spray bumpers, panels, grills, foot rails, bed rails, or whatever you would like to protect from the elements, from scratches, from rust, and any other things that may come up in the crazy life of a vehicle.

Keep in mind, there are more ways to use spray-in bed liners than just in a pickup truck bed. Do you have a work van? Spray the interior to make it last longer and protect your cargo. Maybe you're just looking to make a bold fashion statement. We've a few photos below to give you some inspiration.

There are other ways to protect your truck bed. There are slide in truck liners or truck mats too.

Why don't we recommend those? Slide in truck liners are usually made of a hard plastic. This can protect your bed but have been show to gather moisture underneath the liners which overtime rusts your truck bed without you ever knowing it. They also create spots on your truck bed of increased friction which scratches away the paint and again leads to rust and the eventual deterioration of your four-wheeled investment.

Truck mats can be nice as they drop in when you need them and simply take them out when you don't, however, they again don't protect the entire truck bed, just the floor. They provide no protection from the elements as water, dirt, and sand can simply find its way underneath and wear away at your paint exposing your truck bed again to it's worst enemy, rust.

If you are looking to protect your brand new beautiful 4-wheel investment then look no further than armadillo spray in liners. Protect what matters.

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